• Adam + Attack by Fire [arranged, performed, mixed, embiggened]
• 'Limited Mileage' refurbishing '73 Airstream, '03 Econoline, Tour
Videos for the double LP.
• Her + He reissue 
• Remix of the Albini Chicago recordings 
• Tracking Mellow Goals band

• Greg Hoy & The Boys Double LP [many things]
• Season 2 of Let's Taco 'Bout Podcast is live! [iTunes, and YouTube]
• Greg Hoy & The Boys 'Paper Millionaire' single and video.
• Dos Tacos Amigos! EP [All the things, a 10 inch, and a video]
• The Royal Panics 'Anti Anti Machine' video [shot/edited]
• The Royal Panics 'New Years Blues' video [shot/edited]

• The Palmist EP (all the things)
• Greg Hoy + Carmen King 'Song of Love' video (edited)
• The RV EP (all the things)
• SXSW Performer (The Royal Panics)
• Sound bed background, 36 Questions podcast (Licensing)
• Voiceover Recording, Rumpl (Engineer, Edit/Mix, Delivery)
• The Royal Panics 'Sucker' Video (All the things)
• Noise Pop performer (The Royal Panics)
• 'Let's Taco 'Bout' Podcast (Host, Engineer)
• Greg Hoy & The Boys 'Forever' Video (Edit)
• The Royal Panics LP (All the things)
• Greg Hoy & The Boys 'Valentine' Video (Shot/Edit/Directed)
• The Royal Panics 'NYC DEMOS' cassette 
• Collaboration with Unstoppable Creative Forces

• FOMO YOLO ONO EP  (Mixed, Embiggened, Wrote)
• Holiday 7 inch (All the things)
• The Royal Panics on Classic Rock UK comp CD
• Paul Labrise Day Moon LP (Mastered)
• The Royal Panics PBR video (Directed/Storyboard)
• The Royal Panics designed logo, stickers, drumhead
Driftwood Vinyl DJ (Spotify Playlists)

Fa La La La La single (Wrote/Performed/Shot/Edited)
Rose Anna Springs screenplay original song (All the things)
SF Gate feature 
• Pinterest PinStudio Brand videos (Scored)
• The Royal Panics EP (Wrote/Mixed/Mastered
• Miracle Crimes compilation LP (All the things)
Mars Bar Vinyl DJ (Spotify Playlists)

Pinnebago (Incepted/Drove/Live Soundtracks

Sarah Paige EP (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)
Rebecca Pronsky Only Daughter CD (Artwork)


• Century Club LP (Recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago)
• Her + He (Live with Leslie at Tiny Telephone)
Brighter Darkness (All the Things at Tiny Telephone) 

• The Slurry Bombers EP (Wrote/Mixed/Mastered)
Spouses of the Lowly for RPM Challenge (All the things)

• Rich Bennett On Holiday CD (Tracking/Mixing)
• Brooklyn Songwriters Exchange Compilation CD (Master/Artwork)
• Theme song for Captain Alpha Male (2 Fingers Crossed)
Pinned Indie Film Score (Composition/Audio)
• Drummer In A Snuggie

• Original Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke (Host '08-'10)
• Portals Indie Film Score (Composition/Audio)
• New York Institute for Technology banner ad (Composition/Audio)
• Flying Penguin Pictures uses four songs in their film The Flying Scissors including Happy as the main title theme. The soundtrack also features Stereolab, The Dandy Warhols, and others.

• Rebecca Pronsky Departures & Arrivals CD (Artwork)
Music for Shuttles music bed used for the Guided Relaxation and Clearing the Mind Audio portion of Clinical Tools' dementia
portal site (Composition/Performance)

• The Last Town Chorus (Touring Guitarist)
• F-Units Reject On Impact (Drums, Lead Guitar)
• The Exeter Popes EP (Drums, Engineer, Mix, Master)

• Digitas NYC American Express, AOL, Seagrams (Scoring)

• Tested By History used on WBs 'One Tree Hill' (Licensing)
• The Last Town Chorus (Touring Keyboardist)
• Digitas Lobby Music (Wrote/Produced/Implemented)* 
*released 10 years later as the Music For Shuttles EP.

• The Last Town Chorus LP (Engineer, Mix, Performer)
• Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn (Talent Booker)
• The Hypertonics Various Singles (Mastering)

• Peg Simone Band (Drummer)
• Symphony for 100 Guitars, World Trade Center (Guitarist)
• CMJ Marathon, NYC (Performer)

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Photo courtesy 7x7 Magazine.

Recording at Tiny Telephone Oakland