'Everything flows; his albums never sound like a disjointed collection of tracks' - Delusions of Adequacy

'The guy knows his way around a crunchy lick' - DAGGAR

'an excellent voice that's a perfect fit for the tunes he writes'  - babysue

'It’s nice to be reminded that AC/DC and Black Flag essentially both started with dirtbags who like loud amps' - The Deli Magazine

'The album’s initial four songs are all spot-on in songwriting and production, and any of them could be a standout single on an edgy commercial station. And the mellow-ish “Optimistic Optometrist” (which frankly could be a Guided By Voices song title) frames Hoy’s outlook in a lyrical perspective when he affirms “the answer’s in a pop song.” For him, it definitely seems to be.’ — Pittsburgh City Paper

‘I like to play this cd before I go out at night. It is upbeat and fun and puts me in good mood. Not only that, but the lyrics are both profound and cheeky. The way I like em.’    — Gaya 
'Hoy' has to be the best power-pop record I've ever heard recorded entirely by one person. Is he for real? You keep glancing at the sleeve notes, thinking the man must be joshing, taking credit for others' playing, because Hoy betrays no veneer or vestige of such a solitary, necessarily piece-meal installments project. What it sounds like is a rockin' quartet, with Hoy's full-throated singing leading the charge. This is power-pop with big guitar crunch, some real back-beat presence, and encircling guitars, bold melodies and no hint of boyish niceties or polite mannerism....Sign me up for the next gig, and see you in the front row. — Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover
'Hoy's clear-eyed rock is fueled by straight-up melodicism' - Time Out NY
'Greg Hoy writes the kind of left-of-the-dial rock that the repeat button was designed for' - International Cork 
'high energy pop punk that is so like a drug it should almost be illegal.' — Divide and Conquor

'Fortified with essential hooks that'll bounce through your head well after the album's end' - Punk Planet

'A solo debut of witty, crunching power-pop...On his self-titled debut album, Hoy has created, recorded, and performed two handfuls of power-pop tracks with instrumental elements of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and surprising, delicious lyrical pop culture references. The album has a lot going for itself, as does its originator. Hoy should please many power-pop fans, especially those who got into the genre over the last decade through some of its revivalists.’ — Delusions of Adequacy
'The record producer replacing the artist has been tossed about in the press lately, and it seems that many have forgotten this is an age-old concept in the music industry (see Motown). Producer Greg Hoy takes stage front and center to perform his fine Weezer-by-way-of-the-Beatles tunes. - Village Voice Choice, 'Best of 2003’’ Village Voice, Best of 2003
'HOY ushers in the rebirth of slack with his lo and lower-fi indie pop that recalls a less ambitious Weezer or a more ambitious Pavement. This is fortified with 10 essential hooks that'll bounce through your head well after the disc's end.’ — Punk Planet 

‘impressive -- accomplished indie pop that touches on a wide spectrum of sounds. Hoy is the brainchild, somewhat predictably, of Greg Hoy of Last Town Chorus and Yearbook fame. Hoy is responsible for all of the instrumentation on his solo debut, as well as the recording itself. The results are impressive -- accomplished indie pop that touches on a wide spectrum of sounds and moods.’   — Splendid Ezine 

‘DIY power-pop with clever lyrics and energetic guitars When someone writes, records, and produces all of his own songs and also plays all of the instruments on an album, respect and awe from listeners are expected and appropriate. When the music sonically appeals to you regardless of the considerable aforementioned skills, the result is even better. Such is the case, for the most part, with Hoy’s self-titled debut album. I presume Greg Hoy’s last name does not carry a silent “h,” but I like that the names of both artist and album mean “today” in Spanish. It gives Hoy an extra urgency and contemporary spunk.’ — Delusions of Adequacy 

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